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we started with very little in the beginning. At that time we started as a V guard direct marketing associate

The company called Mulamoottil was started in 2014.Our organization started a place called Sreesivan Jn,Cherumood.it was a movement we started with very little in the beginning.At that time we started as a V guard direct marketing associate.At the beginning we did the marketing of products such as the Vguard solar water heaters ,V guard home inverter and battery. Exactly 11 months after we started operating ,there was a significant turning point in our business. It is such an establishment and reputed brand as Vguard  invited us to become the authorised service franchisee in kollam district. we still consider it an endorsement of our after-sale service. We are proud to have a good team with a service network from a small rural area to Trivandrum,the capital city of Kerala.Today we have a network of  54 people in two districts to serve the entire company’s after sale service.

        We mainly market the products of Vguard,Luminous and Livfast. When we put Vguard on these three brands we were marketing their Solar Water Heaters,Solar Inverters, Normal inverters, Electric water heaters, Induction Cook Top, Mixer Grinders,Gas Stoves are the mainly targeting products. We are doing normal inverter & batteries ,solar inverters ,solar power plants (both off grid & on grid) in the brand of Luminous. For Livfast we are doing their Normal Home Inverters and batteries only.

Rajesh Kumar MS

(Proprietor and founder)
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Our company’s vision is to become the number one position in our sector through the best after sale service for our consumers

We look forward to the sincere co-operation of all our customers who are honoured in this endeavour. I would like to thank all of our good customers who have given us the love and support we have received on our path so far

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